Al Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development

El Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development

Wednesday 22 March 2006 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

Who We Are?

We are a group of youth, volunteers and activists are interested in the social work based on local communities within the Egyptian society. We established El Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development (Duly registered under the number 5186 on 11/6/2003). The institution works in marginalized and slum areas of Greater Cairo and it aims at empowering the most marginalized groups such as women, children and youth without distinct based on sex, religion or color.

The organization was founded as a Civil Nonprofit Company, named Al-Shehab Center for Comprehensive Development, whose goal was to develop the local community in different disciplines.

According to Law No. 84 for the year 2002 and its executive bylaw, the Center applied to be registered as an Institution. The registration was granted and its name became Al-Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development. Registration No. is 5186 on 11/6/2003.

Our Vision

Democratic society where every human enjoys his/her social, economic and political rights according to the international conventions of human rights. Empowering people to own their tools in order to achieve social justice and social monitoring.

Our Message

Promoting and developing slum and poor areas and empowering the residents of these areas to own their tools and resources, in order to be able to defend their rights. Providing a developmental model through implementing projects that tackle the local community needs and create local cadres to achieve community participation.

Our Principles

To work in a partnership with the local communities through:

1- Decentralization in the decision making

2- Transparency.

3- Community participation and social monitoring.

4- Team work and tolerate the other.

5- The spirit of volunteerism.

The Strategic Goals

1- To empower the most marginalized groups within the poor and slum areas.

2- To alleviate the all forms of discrimination and violence against minorities and to achieve the integration between the individuals within the local communities.

3- To provide access to the infrastructure for the residents of the poor and slum areas.

4- To enhance the community participation of the residents within the poor and slum areas.

5- To build the capacity of the institution to enable it to achieve its goals.

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