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Legal aid unit

Wednesday 22 February 2006 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

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Legal aid unit

A unit for legal aid was established and among its achievements stood the following:

- Raising two collective cases for the population of Ezbet Al-Haggana before the court: the first demanding a sanitary sewerage network and network of drinking water, and the second calling for electricity.

- Monitoring and defending several human and legal violations against working children exerted by either the state or the employers.

- Holding awareness sessions for working children, their parents and workshops owners. The labor law and particularly the international conventions were discussed focusing on the prohibition of children labor – and how to protect them in case they have to work. It was also decided in those meetings that the parents get most of their children’s wages since the Association noticed signs of children’s perversity and bad habits such as smoking, drug taking and sexual deviations.

- Offering legal aids and consultations to women by applying for their legal documents, i.e. IDs and birth certificates, and raising court cases.

Program: Applying for legal documents like IDs especially for women, which is also self-funded.

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