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Intentional Women’s Day (Sat 28 March 09)

Sunday 29 March 2009 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

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Intentional Women’s Day

For the first time in the Egyptian women history to celebrate the International Women’s day not in Hotel or closed room but in the street of Ezbet Elhagana which is one of the poorest areas in Egypt.

According to “Batrik Martin” the Middel East correspondent for the major Canadian newspaper “The Global& Mail” he said that the situation there is away worst than the situation in Gazza

The celebration took place with the present of more than 400 women from the neighborhood under the supervision of ElShehab Institution with the support of UNIFEM and the cooperation of 3 Community Based Organizations in ElHagana with a show of ElWarsha Group and Hawadentna

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