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Wednesday 1 April 2009 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

Al Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development is an Egyptian NGO created in 2001, in one of the biggest urban slum in Cairo, Ezbet El Haggana, where approximately one million people live. The majority of the population lack access to basic services such as water, sanitation, education and health facilities, in addition to violation of people’s human rights. However, the situation of refugees and asylum seekers who live in this community is even worse (approximately 4500 families live in Ezbet El Haggana in addition to thousands of asylum seekers and refugees who live within the surrounding areas in 7th , 10th and 8th Zone of Nasr City).

Al Shehab Institution has intervened to improve people’s life situation through implementing different projects such as defending women and children rights, the right to adequate housing and basic services, mobilizing the community toward realizing people’s active participation.

Al Shehab’s experience with refugees and displaced persons could be described as the following;
- In 2005 Al Shehab Institution started to provide legal assistance in partnership with AMERA Egypt. This activity took place in Al Shehab’s headquarter in Ezbet El Haggana and we able to provide legal advices for 1000 asylum seekers and refugees.
- From 2006 to mid of 2007, Al Shehab implemented a project in partnership with the European Commission in Cairo titled “Defending Refugees Rights”. The action aimed at protecting refugees and reducing violence and discrimination against refugees in Ezbet El Haggana. The project carried out several activities ranging from:
- Integration between Egyptians and Refugees Children by applying artistic methods, where 40 children benefited from it.
- Training 30 Egyptian and Refugees youth to work as community advocators to reduce discrimination against refugees and displaced persons.
- Holding 24 Focus Group Discussions with Egyptian community to raise their awareness about refugees’ situation in the country of origin and host country, in addition to correcting the misconceptions about refugees.
- Publishing quarter newsletter named “Al Shehab”. The newsletter attempted to highlight the problems and obstacles faced by both Egyptian and refugees. Also, it provided people opportunity to express their point of views.
- Building the capacity of 10 Egyptian and Refugees NGOs in Ezbet El Haggana to implement projects to tackle violence and discrimination against refugees.
- Publishing the first “Refugee’s Directory” in Egypt. The directory aims at facilitating the means of contact between refugees and asylum seekers and the organization working in Egypt in the field of refugees’ protection and assistance and those whose priorities include refugees’ rights.

جانب من احتفالية يوم اللاجئ جانب من ورشة رفع وعى المجتمع المحلي بحقوق اللاجئ جانب من النشاط الترفيهي

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Refugeecs Directory 1
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Refugeecs Directory 2
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Refugeecs Directory 3
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Refugeecs Directory 4

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