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Wednesday 20 May 2009 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

Through its journey working with local communities, Al Shehab became aware of the health implications of economic and social conditions of an individual. Along with being concerned with health as a basic human right, the health issue had always been a cross cutting issue with most of the projects Al Shehab is implementing. Where, the institution implemented several projects targeting individual’s health directly such as organizing several medical caravans in different specializations for the area residents as well as establishing a health clinic serving them and another project on HIV/AIDS prevention project among most at risk groups. In this regard, AL Shehab -in partnership with UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNIFEM UNDP and the National AIDS Program- is the first NGO to initiate outreach project targeting most at risk groups along with establishing two drop-in centers to cover Greater Cairo. These centers provide to people vulnerable to HIV/AIDS access to information, services and awareness on means of transmission, test and treatment as a way to reduce their vulnerability. Al Shehab through collaboration with the Global Fund for Malaria, TB and AIDS and the National AIDS Program is also providing technical support as an umbrella organization, through training other NGOs in Egypt to start their work on HIV/AIDS reduction among most at risk groups. It is also worth mentioning that the HIV/AIDS implementation period had ended since March 09, yet the drop-in centers are still available for vulnerable people to benefit from the services provided. Nevertheless, Al Shehab had implemented a project in partnership with the Japanese Embassy in Cairo to construct sewage and waste water connections to serve thousands of the residents of Ezzbet Al Haggana, also another project in partnership with Participatory Development Program “PDP” to put on roofs for hundreds of shanty houses and collaborating with the residents of the area to hire trucks for garbage collections. Also, Al Shehab is implementing project that targets in one level women’s well being and safety by alleviating the different forms of domestic violence in Ezbet El Haggana by means of providing medical and psychological support for women who survive violence on the community level, in partnership with UNIFEM. The previously mentioned projects promoted the health of the residents in an indirect way, as their health was affected due to the absence of these services and facilities.

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