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Street Children is a Society’s Responsibility 23 of February is a National Day for Street Children

Monday 1 March 2010 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

Al Shehab Foundation for Comprehensive Development is taking the role general coordinator for organizing the celebration of street children’s day in collaboration with other 90 Egyptian civil society organizations that are interested in children’s issues, as well as, a group of individuals and artists. The celebration of street children’s day is taking place for the forth year in row under slogan “Street Children is a Society’s Responsibility” in the Cultural Garden for Child (AL Sayida Zeinab , Kadrey Street) from 11:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M.

The day includes artistic activities such as drawings on faces and wood, theatre shows, cartoon movies as well as, organizing drawings and photos exhibitions that represent children’s work.

The history of the celebration started when more than 15 Egyptian NGOs met, and Al Shehab was one of them, to establish a joint working group and its goal was to share experiences between NGOs and to work collectively on solving specific community’s problem. During the discussions about community’s problems a case that shacked the Egyptian public opinion that is a issue of “Al Turbieni” the Assassin who killed and raped number of street children and hence the issue of street children was the common issue that the joint working group agreed to tackle. The idea was organizing a day in solidarity with street children and the day is self-funded by the participating NGOs. The group chose 23rd of February in 2007 to organize the first celebration day and invited about 30 NGOs to join this celebration.

Today, 23rd of February 2010, the number of participating NGOs exceeded 90 organizations and the objective of the day is to highlight the magnitude of the problem with exceeded more million street children, discuss in public its causes and the different means of solving it and to declare February 23 as a National Day for Street Children


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