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Empowerment Model for women and graduated girls in Ezbet El Haggana. (Women)

women situation in Ezbet El Haggana A survey conducted by Al shehab institution to identify the socio-economic needs of women in general and women headed-families in particular in Ezbet El Haggana 2004, indicated that the majority of women’s husbands work in careers that have no official (...) > continue

Eradicating violence against women and support the application of the preventive measures that would help applying the laws (Women)

This project aims at spreading awareness among the poor women who live in the marginalized areas such as El Haganna which would make them overcome the violence that they face by filing official cases in the police stations. > continue

Women empowerment (Women)

1 Eradicating all the forms of discrimination and Empowering the marginalized classes: Improving the economic conditions of the women • This program seeks to empower women economically; widening their opportunities to choose in order for them not to be obliged to work in the jobs that would (...) > continue

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